“I definitely feel that it (dialogue) has deepened the quality of the relationships of people on our EqualityForum…”

G.L.G., Hoechst Celanese (Summit Campus) Equality Forum Coordinator


“I feel empowered to think about the ways in which I act and react.”
M.K., Dialogue Circle practicum participant


“Angelo John Lewis does an exceptional job at surveying the territory, deciding what needs to be done, and using a theory- based approach to achieve practical results. He particularly excels at creating participatory, win-win management structures that allow everyone, from top management to entry level employees to succeed.

I would recommend his approach to community building to any organization undergoing complex system change. I say this based on first-hand experience. While I was Deputy Commissioner at the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, I hired Angelo John to do just that. The results were phenomenal. ”

Steve Sasala, former President & CEO at Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce


“This deepened my appreciation of dialogue, which I’ve started to use…”
B. H., Dialogue Circle practicum participant 


“Angelo Lewis came to his work with The American Boychoir School with an open mind and a clear focus. He asked and he listened. And he knew who to talk to. Most impressive of all, he saw clearly the political, social and economic realities of a small but complex institution and made shrewd recommendations on how to create change given those realities. Yet, he was never judgmental in dealing with people.

“Achieving diversity within an organization is not easy. Nevertheless, four years after beginning this journey with Angelo’s guidance and encouragement, The American Boychoir School has fulfilled four out of the five major goals regarding diversity adopted by its Board of Trustees. The result is a richer, more resilient community for everyone.”

John Ellis, former President, The American BoyChoir School


“As I look over the pages of the journal I began to keep part way into this experience of working with Angelo Lewis as my coach, I am startled at the range of issues we were able to explore in so short a time…. I am steadier, unthreatened, and healthier. I have found this entire experience opening me up to insights unpalatable to me only a few months ago. “

Dr. Andrew Conrad, Dean of Liberal Arts, Mercer County Community College


“I feel empowered to think about the ways in which I act and react.”

John M.,  Dialogue Circle practicum participant 


“Angelo’s hands-on training and consulting skills really helped us in our quest to increase the leadership capacities of our frontline supervisors. More than simply provide training, he led our managers through practical, problem-solving sessions that not only taught them skills but let them deliver practical business results…”

Anna Ross, Manager, Anixter, Inc.


“I’ve worked with Angelo on several tasks, large and small. His coordination and communication was exceptional, and essential – in cases where many parties were involved, Angelo always coordinated our efforts to reach the goal. His timely feedback was vital for my projects, and it was always direct.”

Dan Osipov, Project Manager, Lead Technical Architect, Stuzo


“Angelo had an engaging ability to manage and organize his team with an open mind, as well as to listen, understand and offer solutions to the people need guidance or support. Very highly recommended.”

Sanford Guererro, Web Developer, Day & Zimmerman


“Angelo John Lewis is a creative thinker that never rests. His fertile mind is one of expansive and all-encompassing creative thinking. He reaches deep within to bring out heartfelt expressions and creative thought that inspires the way people see the world.”

Bill Gluth, Creative Thinking for Exceptional Business