Angelo John Lewis is a coach, consultant, and organizational development practitioner who specializes in helping individuals, teams and systems achieve higher levels of effectiveness. As a coach, he specializes in working with leaders, emerging leaders, and high-potential employees. As a consultant, his work focuses on team effectiveness, group problem solving, and community building.

Lewis has worked as an executive coach in industries that include telecommunications, financial services, e-business industries, and higher education. He focuses on helping his clients understand the organizational culture in which they work, how their actions translate into other’s perceptions, and how to be both authentic and proficient as a follower, team-player and leader. His aim is to deepen his clients understanding of their impact on others, and to provide a safe place to practice the fundamentals of organizational effectiveness, including team-building, strategy development and presentation skills.

As a consultant, Lewis has designed, developed, and conducted appreciative inquiry, group problem solving, and team and community building interventions for clients that range from government agencies to Fortune 500 organizations. He frequently utilizes structured problem solving methods as a way for groups to create and actualize shared vision. He has worked both as an organizational change agent for large organizations and as a process facilitator for smaller teams tasked with fulfilling distinct corporate objectives.

His clients have included Verizon, The Rockefeller Foundation, ACNielsen, and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Additional clients have included Princeton University, the New Jersey State Supreme Court Task Force on Minority Concerns, The American Association of University Women, and Haverford College.


Angelo John LewisLewis is the originator of the Dialogue Circle Method, a discussion group method that transforms ordinary conversation to sacred conversation. Dialogue Circles have been used by a wide range of organizations as a means of building community and nurturing the development of teams and task forces. An accomplished writer, Lewis is the author of Notes for a New Age and has been published in more than 100 newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The National Leader, New Realities, The Tokyo Journal, and the Princeton Alumni Weekly. He has appeared on numerous television and radio networks, including CNN and the Associated Press Radio Network, plus has written regular columns for publications that include The Atlanta Constitution, Nouveau and New Frontier.

This site focuses on Dialogue Circles, a method Angelo developed while working at Princeton University in 1991. For further information about his work, please visit his main site.


Dr. Roxanne Kymaani is a proven leader in the development and implementation of change initiatives in business, community and educational operations, including programs and people. Her expertise in dialogue and conflict resolution enables her to successfully lead in diverse and challenging environments while gaining and maintaining the trust of those she engages with. She specializes in team effectiveness, dialogue, group problem solving, and community building, emphasizing communication, creativity and discovery.

Version 2Dr. Kymaani’s research interests include: dialogue, liminality, identity construction, group dynamics and cultural construction. Her passion is to support others on creating their best “self, and create understanding on who they are “being” as a way of developing a new relationship with themselves that offers a new dialogue for how to view and experience the world.

Dr. Kymaani holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. Her dissertation work was on identity construction with women who have one black and one white parent. She is also a certified life coach, where she works with clients on who they are “being” as a way of developing a new relationship with themselves that offers a new dialogue for how to view and experience the world. As a dialogue facilitator, Dr. Kymaani works with participants to let go of their habitual ways of responding; to be experiential and promote dynamic interchange and shared learning among a group of diverse peers. Participants are exposed to a method of ‘reflection-in-action’ that utilizes both the intellect and emotions and can reveal profound truths.

Dr. Kymaani currently serves as the Executive Director for the Division of Extended Learning at National University. In her teaching roles, Dr. Kymaani is a Certified Core Adjunct Faculty in their Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and an Adjunct Lecturer with University of San Diego’s Master’s and Doctoral Leadership programs, and Goucher College’s Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability.

Dr. Kymaani’s content area of expertise includes: identity construction, group dynamics, human development, dialogue, conflict and power dynamics, race, diversity and inclusion.